One Of Us

Commercial for En Af Os

A promotion film for a national campaign that seeks to de-stigmatize mental illness. It portraits three persons who deals with different diagnoses.
Behind the campaign are seven national organisations. The film is made for the social networks, and additionally made into three small TV spots.

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City Net

Commercial for City of Copenhagen, DSB and Movia

“City Net” is a film made as a cooperation between DSB, Movia and Copenhagen City Hall to encourage people to use public transportation within Copenhagen. The film was showed in trains, busses and metro stations in Copenhagen.

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Cph Moves

Commercial for Cph Moves

Montage of the activities during Cph Moves 2009 – an event with different sport activities focusing on having fun in the streets of Copenhagen.
The footage was distrubuted to televison in China and other countries, as a positive story in the News.

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