Voices of Scandinavia

Documentary, 55 min


A 55 min jazz documentary to portray three of the biggest female jazz singers of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Silje Nergaard, Rigmor Gustafsson and Cæcilie Norby. The film has aired on DR, SVT and NRK.




Rigmor Gustafsson

Cæcilie Norby

Silje Nergaard

Conductor – Michael Bojesen
Trumpet – Anders Gustafsson
Trumpet – Christer Gustafsson
Trumpet – Thomas Kjærgaard
Trumpet – Jens Winther / Mads LaCour
Trombone – Steen Hansen
Trombone – Vincent Nilsson
Trombone – Annette Huseby Saxe
Trombone – Kim Aagaard
Trombone – Jakob Munck
Sax – Nicolai Schultz
Sax – Peter Fuglsang
Sax – Lars Møller / Hans Ulrik
Sax – Uffe Markussen
Sax – Anders Gårdmand
Piano – Nikolaj Bentzon
Bas – Kaspar Vadsholt.
Drums – Søren Frost


Director – Kristian Foldager

Cinematographer – Anders Nettli

Music Recording by Lars C Bruun
Music mixed and mastered by George Whitty
Produced by Chris Minh Doky