Dog Level

8 months artistic journey

The idea was to combine art forms, remove ourselves from our normal surroundings and create projects together and with help from guests. The group consisted of 12 persons from different arts – Theater, Music, Film, Literature, Dance, New Media Arts. We lived together and traveled around Norway, China, Tanzania creating all kinds of projects – our website

I attended as film director and directed the short documentary Holy Walk and the live performance Rest

Among the guests during the journey was:


Kirsten Delholm

Jacob Holdt

Arne Bro

Frithjof Toksvig

Signa Sørensen

Lil Lacy




Live performance, 25 min

Rest was made during my expedition with Dog Level.

Rest is to be announced as an open source performance. You will be able to download media content as projection, soundscapes and audioeffects. The surroundings is a room with hammocks for the audience to experience a back projection in a ceiling canvas showing the life of an ex surveillance agent dealing with amnesia in his apartment seen from above. On cues, soundeffects in the rooms can be used to imitate the audience’s feeling of lying in his home. As he tries to sleep memories of a lost love mixed with different missions takes over the ceiling screen, to discover his situation, and why he has all his surveillance equipment hooked up in the apartment.

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Paris Dakar Cinematography

Documentary, in the making

I did the cinematography on a documentary following the World Champion of Kick Boxing – Boubacar N’Diaye. Training in the suburbs of Paris and going back to his hometown Dakar in Senegal to fight.

It was an amazing journey, especially spending time with him and his entourage around in Dakar – visiting relatives, the Mayor and the President. I lived on the roof of his father’s house, from where I shot the footage above. It works as an teaser to fond the finishing of the film.



Music Video for Clemens

Oneirodyni is a single from the Danish rapper Clemens. Returning to his roots, and resuming the hardcore rap style and sound that started his career.
The songs sinister tone and lyrics are a visual portrait, in a mix of nightmare/amnesia atmosphere and old horror film footage.

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