Live performance, 25 min

Rest was made during my expedition with Dog Level.

Rest is to be announced as an open source performance. You will be able to download media content as projection, soundscapes and audioeffects. The surroundings is a room with hammocks for the audience to experience a back projection in a ceiling canvas showing the life of an ex surveillance agent dealing with amnesia in his apartment seen from above. On cues, soundeffects in the rooms can be used to imitate the audience’s feeling of lying in his home. As he tries to sleep memories of a lost love mixed with different missions takes over the ceiling screen, to discover his situation, and why he has all his surveillance equipment hooked up in the apartment.

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Theater Trailers

Live performance recording

I’ve been creating trailers for Mungo Park and Betty Nansen in many years. Above and below you can see some examples. Theater often translates poorly on film, but it has a lot of effects as dramatic lights, sound and music that works good for a trailer. I watch the play and write down notes to kind of edit the trailer before hand, and then focus on specific moments in the play to shoot – often to create more of a teaser, than sum up the story.

Mungo Park Trailer – Mumin

Mungo Park Trailer – Den Allersidste Dans

Live Recording #1

Live music recording

After making a few music video, my wish is to work with live recording – Trying to create an atmosphere for the musicians to perform live in. A friend of mine has a sound studio placed in an old abandoned pool hall. We dress up the large empty room, and start playing around.
The video above is one of the songs we recorded.

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Live Recording #2

Live music recording


In december 2010 we gathered Morten Bruun and Tue Ebert and their friends in an a abandonded pool hall in the south western part of Copenhagen.
With a multicamera setup we shot their performances. The clip above is one of the songs taken from a 20 min music film
Watch the whole film here

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Nomads On Tour

Live perfomance recording

The Nomads concists of some of the greatest jazz musicians. At a concert on Vega, Copenhagen, we ran around the stage and among the audience to capture the energy of this brillant musical setup.

In the video above you can see a teaser of the concert.

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