Live performance, 25 min

Rest was made during my expedition with Dog Level.

Rest is to be announced as an open source performance. You will be able to download media content as projection, soundscapes and audioeffects. The surroundings is a room with hammocks for the audience to experience a back projection in a ceiling canvas showing the life of an ex surveillance agent dealing with amnesia in his apartment seen from above. On cues, soundeffects in the rooms can be used to imitate the audience’s feeling of lying in his home. As he tries to sleep memories of a lost love mixed with different missions takes over the ceiling screen, to discover his situation, and why he has all his surveillance equipment hooked up in the apartment.


Hammocks for the audience.





Kaja Mærk Egeberg

Martin Fayard Gammelgaard


Director – Kristian Foldager

Producer – Stinne Vium

Techn Artist – Johan Bichel Lindegaard

Music – Cipa Pape