I Drink I Fight

Music Video for Sleep With All Your Friends

This was my first music video – shot on a Panasonic DVX100 (still love that old DV camera). I guy in England had made and converter to use SLR lenses and suddenly you were making film!

I had found the two actors and talked the story through. On the day and time of shooting we had no ekstras (the band were supposed to take care of that part). We started working on an emergency plan – a weird scenario of the band playing for a complete empty ball room with only the two youngsters sitting alone. Suddenly all the extras turned up though – as the band had ensured they would,




Boy – Lior Cohen

Girl – Josefine Gråbøl


Director – Kristian Foldager
Cinematographer – Anders Nettli
Assistant Cinematographer – Gustav Krogh
Light – Matthias Døcker, Tommy Oksen, Matthias Brocks
Make-Up – Mark
Editing – Kristian Foldager and Anders Albjerg